Latus Creativity is the independent performative research project by Pasquale Direse for the the development of a liquid architecture.

A self-producted project by aimed at spreading creative processes and practices on a territorial scale to assist socially inclusive fluxes of art and creativity.

It’s the cross-media remix of interactive platforms which generates visibility and offers development tools to the glocal creative innovation.

OBJECTIVE: Activate Creative Innovation Processes

Latus is the latin adjective to mean the extension of a territory, but it’s also the archaic name of the Lazio region, the geographic area where the project was born and develops. Latus Creativity is a social software to intercept the creative loci, the local creative tribes, to put them in communication and interconnection with the other creative territories dislocated around the world.

The performative and experimental research’s landscape of our activity and creativity is the network in its wide meaning.

Liquidity is a property that we translate into fluidifying the interaction’s processes among the creative communities living a specific territory amplifying the glocal network with new relations, knowledge, sharing.

The idea is to:

  • compose value networks to optimize the communication and the interconnectivity among the several clusters of the local creative scene;
  • promote the contamination among the various sectors of the creative innovation, the mesh-up and the cross-cultural remix, the “stigmergy” and the internationalization of the “creative loci”.
  • catalyze and connect the glocal creativity exploiting the advantages offered by the emergent media  cultures and technologies to improve the quality of life of the communities which live their territory.

Latus Creativity designs plugins to connect and open communication among research centers, universities, cultural institutions and creative industries & enterprises.

It’s also a free daily information service about glocal creativity available on

The project includes:

•   the Web Portal;

•   Latus Creativity Social Media Identity & Fitness;

•   the Latus Creativity Lab, an always active workshop which combines the following interconnected developing environments:

    •    Network Science Lab: the research lab about complex networks (social network analysis; analysis, representation and interaction design of the OpenData)

    •    Cross-media Lab: the interactive workshop for the digital production, experimental space for the creative formats of hypermedia communication;

    •    Performing Lab: a performative workshop which practices the new media arts for the interactive communication. Latus Creativity develops a digital artisanship lab which aims to share knowledge about new media technologies in the creative and artistic fields.

by Pasquale Direse


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