Internet as Innovation Ecosystem: the Summit and Exhibition 2012

The Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit and Exhibition 2012 takes place in Riva del Garda from 4th to 6th of october.

As a ground breaking innovation community, EAI creates value for Europe, its organizational members and individual innovators by fostering collaboration and cooperation. Leveraging the accelerating convergence of virtual and real worlds, EAI has created a web environment which presents opportunities to meet, evaluate and collaborate for the benefit of personal development, business growth, recognition of excellence and well-being, and to drive innovation 24/7.

Once a year, for each of its thematic areas, the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) , brings together a comprehensive range of key innovation stakeholders and actors at its Inno-Summit. At the Summit, EAI members transfer their year-round collaboration activities into on-site opportunities for presentations, meetings, cooperation, recognition, strategy and hands-on experience of the best innovations of the year.

EAI ‘s Web-based collaboration platforms organize the interaction between the innovation stakeholders in its unique Innovation Cycle. The Innovation Cycle classifies the different stages and stakeholders related to the development of innovation in stages. Whether one’s needs and interests correspond to the early stages of innovation, that is, education and professional enhancement, or a later stage, such as funding or business development, the hundreds of EAI organizational members represent an extended community of millions of individuals who can use the Innovation Cycle organization to navigate the community activities, opportunities, events, and innovation services to interact toward their goals.

The Inno-Summit program reflects the fundamental EAI concepts of “all-inclusive, member-driven initiatives working together toward a common goal” by providing a two track program. The CORE program, set up by EAI secretariat, approved by the EAI Strategic Forum, covers core aspects of the Innovation Cycle stages.  The COMMUNITY program consists of events proposed and selected by EAI community members, to present and promote their activities and interests during the Inno-Summit on-site and virtual meetings.

The outcomes of EAI’s Inno-Summits are: groundbreaking new technologies, extraordinary ventures, unanticipated partnerships, and the next generation of ideas and products.

The Summit’s Theme

Information and communication technology is becoming smarter; smaller; faster; and more densely connected. As a result, Internet supported services are entering a new phase of mass deployment which brings a huge number of new opportunities and challenges in terms of scalability, capacity, throughput, mobility and trust.

By launching Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit and Exhibition 2012, the EAI intends to be a driving force behind this effort to engage to use this technology to promote innovation via Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe. The main theme of the Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit and Exhibition 2012 is “Using Emerging IoT for Dissemination towards Innovation”. It aims to promote the development and adoption of advanced solutions in the ICT domain with the two-fold goal of fostering innovation in the European ICT domain as well as ensuring that future ICT is able to sustain innovation in all application domains: future Internet technologies and services, communications infrastructure and computing.

View the Summit Programme or the Summit Tracks.




Source: Innovation Ecosystem Summit

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