Remnants of the Ancient Circuit Boards

The found object is an often over-looked tool of inspiration. With a little bit of imagination, any found object can be used to create a work of art that reinterprets ideas of waste, recycling, or the effect our consumerist culture has on the environment.

Artist Peter McFarlane uses found objects to create sculptures that mimic Native imagery or, to create circuit board landscapes of our urban jungle. The artist does not limit himself with being selective with his found objects; all materials are used. The use of computer waste is specifically relevant to the artist’s work, because it is one of the most common objects that we throw away now. These man-made electronic devices are becoming our modern-day fossils.

And McFarlane sees that. His circuit board fossils can be seen as a response to the way in which we change the history of the world with our waste. Where we once stumbled upon great discoveries of new species and long-dead prehistoric beasts, we are now more likely to dig up circuit boards from 80’s made computers. These pieces are both commentaries on our lifestyles, and how nothing, not even new technology, can withstand the decaying of time.




Source: Art&ScienceJournal

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