Resonate Day 2: feeding wonder and creativity

“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.” —Carl Sagan

The second day of Resonate was comprised of lectures spanning a range of fields and topics. The few lectures I was able to follow included a small panel of discussions which included a screening of trailer for a documentary called “Cloud” which is scheduled to be released as an interactive movie around July.

The film features notable figures who are programmers in the fields of art and design. The movie itself is shot with a combination of hardware which includes Kinect attached to a DSLR. Appropriate, considering that those being featured are work so closely with the development and manipulation of technology.

Amongst other things, this technique allows for the re-positioning of the camera perspective. You can read more about it on WIRED:

The day’s lectures ended with a presentation by Golan Levin. As a teacher and multimedia artist, he has developed techniques and collaborations spanning a couple of decades and many international borders, aside from initiating a solution for the inter-operability of various children’s toys, his experience in media art and breathe of knowledge regarding media art was clearly evident in his presentation as he revisited his past work through the eyes of his 6 year-old self. He referenced a quote from Carl Sagan to further illustrate what he passionate referred as kind-of reconciliation for the experience of the unfamiliar that we come across more often as a child.

That is, as artists, we strive to experience and communicate a sense of something wondrous through the things we create. This, in turn, spawns more wonder and creativity.

by Michael Dotolo (De Fenestrated)

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