Event: Science Days: In Touch with the Earth
Date: June SAT 15/SUN 16, 2013, 10 AM–6 PM
Price: valid museum ticket

In June the Science Days are all about the current topics of the program focus “In Touch with the Earth”. How is the Earth built and what factors influence the climate of “Blue Marble”? Biology expert Wolfgang Hack will comment exciting visualizations of our planet. In addition “Overview” – the new show in the Deep Space – give you some new insights into different perspectives of the Earth. Learn interesting global and urban topics and expand your visual perception and travel from the smallest particle to distant galaxies.

Deep Space LIVE Special: Overview

How is our planet built and what factors influence the climate? Listen to Wolfgang Hack, Biology Expert, and get some insights into human traces such as light pollution and population density to natural phenomena such as changing seasons.

Overview – In Touch with the Earth

SAT/SUN 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM und 4:30 PM
Do you know where lights are shining in the night? How far do Arctic tern fly and tuna swim? Where it’s hot, where it burns and how far snowpack withdraw this summer? Overview will make the Earth more understandable for you.

Special Guided Tour: In Touch with the Earth

Within the special guided tour global and urban topics will be presented. Experience some complex interactions between microcosm and macrocosm, between the local and global points of view. Please make reservation via 0732.7272.51 or

From Micro to Macro: LHC und ELT

SAT/SUN 11 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM
In order to expand our visual perception we develop technologies so we can see things that are too small or too far away. Whether particle accelerator LHC in CERN or the planned giant telescope ELT in Chile, you will experience a journey from the smallest particles of our world to distant galayies.

phone the drone

Control a flying Quadrocopter with you smartphone or tablet.




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