TEC ART: Other Art and Technology, Critical Fun and Play in Rotterdam

Our friends from PLANETART, Amsterdam suggest this interesting Festival in Rotterdam next February.

Hacking the NSA, Marching with Meese, Mission to Mars, Sale on Lampedusa, One Way Astronauts, Looking into the Sun, GHB partypeople, Chainsaw Putin, Rabobank Bastards,Running around in Cern, Mental Plastic Body Fillers, Laserguns for Libia, and more, much more…

TEC ART is the festival on art and technology at the Art Rotterdam Week. A different art experience at the South of Rotterdam, with actual, inspiring, confronting art, technology, architecture, an audiovisual adventure.

The Giant Robot of Boris Tellegen, located in the hall of the new Rotterdam Trainstation welcomes you at TEC ART. The Floating Pavillion near the Erasmus bridge, will be transformed into futuristic domes with work of Joris Strijbos, Semiconductor (UK), Paul Prudence (UK), a. o. TEC ART in the 5000 m2 of the Warehouse, Fenixloods 1 is adventurous mix of a cyberpunk carnivale, grindcore-karaoke-club, art lounge, laboratories, chill-out, game area, disco, spaceship, teknoparty.

You can eat, drink, dance, game, experience virtual reality, meet people at the Miele Spacestation bar, play with innovative works of art, perform physics, enjoy weird JODI YouTube-mash-up films, look and buy special books/artworks/magazines/ space punk fashion. You can expect pop-up  fashion shows, see horse robots move, see ceramic cars spin, see mechanical snakes film, enjoy speed-lectures on drones en privacy, and see presentations of the Dutch space industry, and much, much more!!


The theme is Operating Manual for SPACESHIP EARTH, after American visionar and architect Buckminster Fuller.

With work of: JODI, Alicia Framis, Daan Roosegaarde, Nicolas Provost, Jonathan Meese, Edwin van der Heide, David Cerny, Teun Castelein, Arno Coenen, Broersen en Lukacs, Charles of London, Maartje Dijkstra, Boris Tellegen, more… With daily live-acts, music, lectures, drinks, and more.

TEC ART Cyber PARTY opens the Art Rotterdam Week, Wed Feb 5 8pm – 2am, Drijvend Paviljoen, Kop van Zuid. tickets 10 euro

www.tecart.nl   help us and share online: www.facebook.com/TECART.nl

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