Two artists from Formia at the Noorderzon Festival 2012 in Groningen

In conjunction with Stichting GAVA (Groningen AudioVisual Archives Foundation), Francesca Bardaro (from Formia IT), Sarah Janssen (DE) and Eleanor Grootoonk (NL) with the musics by Gianni Bardaro (Formia, IT) present a live performance in which the movement of the human body interplays with the repetitive element of machines from the industrial age. Processed images from the GAVA archive are mingled with dance and music. It is all about rhythm, repetition and the passage of time.


Groningen fosters much good visual culture, but unfortunately there are few prominent locations that are suitable for presentations. In 2011, Noorderzon cautiously initiated a small-scale lab in combination with a coaching trajectory for promising young AV artists from the North-Netherlands, with the ultimate goal being a project executed during an edition of Noorderzon. All the way from selection to presentation, the artists are supported by a wide range of AV and festival professionals from Groningen. After a successful first edition and an interim presentation in May of this year, AValanche has now become a permanent feature of the Noorderzon programme. This year, AValanche will present work by Sexton Creeps, Gerrard van der Kolk, Francesca Bardaro, Sarah Janssen and Eleanor Grootoonk in combination with Stichting GAVA and Janine van Veen.



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