Vigamus: the first and only Italian Videogame Museum in Rome

Located in the center of Rome, VIGAMUS is the one and only Italian Videogame Museum. A modern structure inside which visitors can learn the history of videogames and discover the evolution of a form of art which, young as it is, can count on an illustrious past made of legendary characters and incredible stories.

VIGAMUS’ mission is to spread the videogame culture and make the world of videogames accessible to everyone, with a particular attention to those who approach this fantastic universe for the first time.
VIGAMUS will also be a center of studies and a pole of attraction for the preservation of videogames, offering a consultable archive for all those who want to learn more, for their studies or out of curiosity.

A travel in the past of games

Inside VIGAMUS, you will be able to visit the permanent exhibition gamezero: the origins of games, a dive into the past where you will learn about the history of the most entertaining invention of the last century. You will find out about the evolution of video and computer games in an unique and original way, with all its main people, bizarre tales and incredible adventures. Inside VIGAMUS you will find 63 panels in Italian and in English, giant walls dedicated to the old retrogaming glories, over 150 original pieces exposed (old consoles and original games).

Discover and play the great old classics of gaming

Moreover, visitors will have access to an interactive area where they will be able to try vintage games, and a conference hall where projections and meetings will be held. Thanks to the permanent exhibition, a series of temporary expositions and live events, VIGAMUS tells the story and evolution of a surprising and wonderful new medium in an accessible language for whoever gets to know this world for the first time, and in an intriguing way for all those who already love it.

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