A mechatronic performance immersing into new forms of narrative: Marcel lì’s “Pseudo”

You know about the “fourth wall” that separates the audience from the artists? Well, at this show, no matter how hard you look, you will not find it, just as you will be unable to find the stalls.

In fact, you yourself will form part of this “mechatronic performance”, which will have you in constant movement. Sounds, projections, autonomous devices, animations, sensors…

“Pseudo” is an experiment in immersion that involves the audience in the narrative. The piece is based on Cotrone, which Marcel·lí Antúnez  Roca presented in 2010 and in which the playwright invented a non-existent fourth act in  Pirandello’s unfinished play The Mountain Giants.

The various micro-narratives that formed the earlier work are now fleshed out and linked to a new narrative. Marcel·lí invites spectators to take part in a performance that employs interfaces, cameras and mechanisms that amplify reality. Leave your spectator’s hat in the lobby because, in here, you too are the work.


Source: grec.bcn.cat

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