Archon Genomics X Prize: 10 million dollars for researchers in the field of longevity

The Archon Genomics X PRIZE presented by Express Scripts is an incentivized prize competition that will award 10 million dollars to the first team to rapidly, accurately and economically sequence 100 whole human genomes to a level of accuracy never before achieved.

The 100 human genomes to be sequenced in this competition will be donated by 100 centenarians (ages 100 or older) from all over the world, known as the Express Scripts 100 Over 100. Sequencing the genomes of the Express Scripts 100 Over 100 presents an unprecedented opportunity to identify those “rare genes” that protect against diseases, while giving researchers valuable clues to health and longevity. These centenarians’ genes are providing us with a window to the past that will significantly impact the future of healthcare.

The result will be the world’s first “medical grade” genome, a critically-needed clinical standard that will transform genomic research into usable medical information to improve patient diagnosis and treatment. This global competition will inspire breakthrough genome sequencing innovations and technologies that will usher in a new era of personalized medicine.

More information on the prize available here.


Source: GenomicsXPrize

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