Cologne International Videoart Festival, TOTAL ART for experimental approaches

CologneOFF Cologne International Videoart Festival is celebrating in 2014 its 10th festival edition to be launched in September 2014.

Artists working with “art moving images” are invited to join the celebrations of the 10th anniversary by submitting thir most exxiting works experimenting with new forms of representations. Founded in 2006, Cologne International Videoart Festival is celebrating in 2014 its 10th festival edition
During 10 years, CologneOFF was supporting “art & moving images” and encourage artists to use this exciting medium creatively.

CologneOFF X ist standing under the theme of “Total Art”, showing video as a multi-facetted artistic audio-visual medium,
which is executed solely by its creator or a group of collaborating artists, including filming, cutting, editing, composing, post-priducing etc, thus the whole creation in one single hand.
The digitalization of video made it only possible, that artists can create such a “total art” work, due to the affordability of the entire production. It is not even necessary to have the most advanced professional equipment. A creative person can use even cheap production tools for creating excellent art works.

But, “Total Art” is not only related to the creative production of a video, but also to the artistic contents, encouraging submitting artists to use all their creativity to go steps forward in exploring the artistic potential of video.

CologneOFF X is
– looking for art works using video as a medium in all its variety, but for submitting only single channel videos are eligible, a hybrid type of work which can be used for different presentation forms like screening, projection and installation.
– expecting new and experimental artistic approaches in transforming essential issues of human existence into the language of the “moving images”.
- inviting film & video creators – to submit up to 3 videos (max duration 10 minutes, exceptions possible)) in following categories –-> (experimenta forms of ) film – videoart – documentary, whereby animated and very short (60 seconds) forms are particularly encouraged.


- Deadline: 30 April 2014
- Wanted: single channel videos by film and videomakers from all countries on the globe
- “Theme”: “TOTAL ART” .The festival is looking for innovative and experimental approaches in dealing with contents and technology
- The full-length films/videos may originate from the years 2005-2014. Excerpts of videos or films are not accepted!!
- Duration: 60 seconds up to max 10 minutes (exceptions possible on request)
- Max 3 films/videos can be submitted.
- Creations using language and/or text other than English need English subtitles.
- The preview copy should be uploaded for download by using the free upload platforms like SENDSPACE (up to 300 MB) or WE TRANSFER (up to 2GB), after upload please send the link, and CologneOFF will download the film then.
- for review only following video formats are eligible – minimum size–> 720×576 (PAL) or 720×480 (NTSC)or HD: .mpeg2 (DVD), . mov (Quicktime, H264 codec only), .mp4, .wmv (Windows Media), .flv (Flash video)
- only selected artists will be notified and invited to send a hardcopy of the selected video in best screening quality.






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