GuestRoomMaribor launches an exceptional call for international artists

Following we publish an exceptional call out for artists by GuestRoomMaribor, a programe produced by non govermental organization Pekarna magdalenske mreže, based in Maribor, Slovenia, which is also organizing StopTrik International Film Festival.

“There are two apartment ateliers available. One is 96 m2 and the other 76m2 and are equipped with a tea kitchen, bathroom and a sleeping unit. The preferred hosting duration is three weeks and can be started 7 days after this call out is made public and concludes on the 31. of August 2014.

We offer:

- an apartment atelier

- presenting the artist to the Maribor’s public / Meet the artist

- project presentation

- support with organization, production and documenting


- open studio at least one time during the residence

- a residential fee of 150€ per week


- potential candidates can apply here .

Please send a portfolio (pdf) and pictures to and format the email subject as GRM 2014 – your name.

Our aim:

- contribution towards Maribor’s  openess to foreign artists

- encouraging longterm connection between international and Maribor’s art scene.

- establishing Maribor as a city of exploration and incubation of new ideas


The hosting artists will be selected by the jury based on the following criteria:

- originality of the project conception

- ability to implement the project

- communicability of the project

- ability to connect and cooperate with the local art scene

Jury members:

Visual arts: Petra Kapš, curator, essayist and writer

Literature: Petra Kolmančič, poet, editor and producer

Performing arts: Rene Maurin, director and screenwriter

Intermedia arts and music: Marko Ornik, producer, intermedia artist

Interventions in public space and community art: Borut Wenzel, designer


On 16th of June 2014 we will publish a call out for hosting foreign artist in Maribor, Slovenija between 1.09. and 31.12. 2014. Beside usage of the apartment atelier, production and promotional support,  we also offer residents of the standard call out partial coverage of travel costs, production costs and scholarship.”

More info on and on the Pekarna website





Source: PressRoom

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