Ideas & Project Factory: meeting the cultural and creative enterprise in Marseille

On April 3rd and 4th 3C 4 Incubators partners are organizing the Ideas & Project Factory Event.

The event will take place in Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, coordinated by A.M.I.

The Ideas & Project Factory Event is organized as a workshop to support cultural ideas/enterprises, previously selected by each one of the partners. the italian non-conventional startup which is also producing the performative research project Latus Creativity will take part to the international meeting, selected by the Business Innovation Centre of the Lazio Region.

Invited organisations or individuals will participate in a two day event, which will be developed into three phases:

Phase 1:  Starting common briefing about the working method fundaments (SMEs tutors)

Phase 2: Matching meetings housed in “boxes” or little meeting rooms between SMEs and tutors, divided in 3 moments:

2nd moment – what kind of collaborations seems to be possible (resource sharing, supply, partnership to develop a new project/product, common commercial formulas, …)1st moment – information sharing (deeper comprehension of SMEs business models and areas for potential collaboration)

3rd moment – working programme

Phase 3: Ending common debriefing to conclude the working session’s.


Participating organisations:

from Portugal:

Cloud K – Design for Good (

Mapa das Ideias (

Infimoframe (

from Slovenia:

HIŠA! Association ( (under reconstruction),

Rezidenca Maistrova (

PERON Cooperative – Business unit: SALON of Applied Arts ( ; )

from Sweden:

Kojan Filmbyrå (

Etendu Consulting AB (

from Spain:


DIKA Studio (

Seis Cocos (

Mujeres con habitación propia (

Verlag System (

from France:

Le Café Pixel (

Tone 51 (

Subspecies (

from Italy: (


Suricata (


Open Design Italia (

Work World Music (

Moon Events

Applica (

Wreaders (






Source: 3C 4 Incubators

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