Latus Creativity: a liquid architecture between web and territory

Marcos Novak defined liquid architectures as the dematerialized environment where space, form, light and other aspects of the real world are not enough anymore. It’s an architecture of fluctuating relations between abstract and real elements. An architecture tense to music. The Novak’s idea is to transfer the concept of architecture into a complex of breaths, pulses, leaps and landings from a form to another. The territory without doors and hallway where everything is where you want and everything is what you want it to be.

Latus Creativity gets inspired by this trans-cognitive vision and the last july lauched its project on the Web. It’s the “beta” version of a working progress which enlightens the interactive participation of the characters of the creative scene of Lazio region.

We propose here a brief description of the project and we invite you to participate with your creative stories in the section “Share your story” (right column on the homepage). We further invite you to open discussions about creativity and territory on our social media profiles (right column ->).

Latus Creativity is a project of independent research for the creation and the development of a liquid architecture.
The cross-media remix of interactive platforms generates visibility and offers development tools for the creative innovation in action on the territory.
The cognitive and experimental landscape of the project is the network.
The idea is to:
compose value networks optimizing the communication and the interconnectivity among the several clusters of the local creative scene;
promote the contamination among the various sectors of the creative innovation, the mesh-up and the cross-cultural remix, the “stigmergy” and the internationalization of the “creative loci“.
catalyze the glocal creativity to contribute (optimizing the advantages offered by new media) to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities which live the territory.

Latus Creativity designs and offers a collection of plugins aimed to transform the transition between real and virtual into an osmotic flow which can tangibly be experienced.
Scope of the project  is to activate auto-generative processes into the information and knowledge transfer through open learning, interaction design and performing arts paths.
Is the extension of a fluid and alternate architecture which develops continuously between web and territory.
A glocal transarchitecture being network of networks in the Net.
Latus Creativity is the Digital Remix of the Creative Flow in Lazio territory.

The project icludes:

•    the Web Portal;

•    the Social Media Identity & Fitness L.C.;

•    the Latus Creativity Lab, a permanent cross-media lab of research and development.

The latter combines the following interactive developing environments:

    •    Network Science Lab: research lab on complex networks oriented t the publication and distribution of studies and analysis of the social networks through open-data analysis, representation and visualization;
•    Newsroom;
•    Cross-media Lab: the interactive workshop for the digital production, for the non-conventional distribution of the produced research and of the creation of communication hypermedia formats;
•    Performing Lab: a performative workshop which practices the new media arts for the interactive communication. Latus Creativity develops a digital artisanship lab which aims to share knowledge about new media technologies in the creative and artistic fields.


by Latus Creativity Lab


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