Meta.Morf 2012: the norwegian Biennale of Art & Technology

Between September 27 and October 28, 2012, TEKS arranges Norway’s most extensive biennial for art and technology for the second time, with the subtitle ‘A Matter of Feeling’.

“Every relational system operates on affect, or as we often call it, feelings.”

Art, design and architecture have become a question of relational design, which again concerns our cities, the environment, politics, consumer behaviour, social relations, even life itself.

Life is impure, revealing itself as an open and complex system with porous boundaries, bringing forth an endless social and biological diversity. Every relational system operates on affect, or as we often call it, feelings. Human and nonhuman actions and interactions are expressions of these networked relations.

Meta.Morf 2012 presents art and design projects that are based on sympathy and affinity with life forms of both a technological and natural character.

What constitutes the connective behaviour from which networks, and finally form emerge? Is it an empathy-based interaction, or in other words, a matter of feeling?

Alex Adriaansens
Espen Gangvik

More information available on Meta.Morf 2012.



Source: Meta.Morf 2012

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