Migrations @ Teatro di Marcello, the new project by medialize.it


The city trasforms itself, the ordinary bacomes extraordinary; the Theatre of Marcellus in Rome becomes the epicenter of Migrations, the new cultural project of medialize.it. It will be an exciting adventure of New Media Public Art capable to valorize the memory and the experience of the city.
The project involves the citizens and the urban travellers in a manifestation sui generis.

The 11th, 12th, 13th of September the Teatro di Marcello, one of the most ancient symbol of the Capital and in the world, will be the canvas of a storytelling made of lights and sounds, it will be an immersive travel throughout the stream of contemporary art.

Migrations explores the flows of nature, people and thinking; it wants to suggest a new vision of art that overcrosses any border. The concept of migrations  will be explained in three different artistic events and it will unmask the deepest  invsible connections  between nature, human and thought’s migrations. it will explore the facets of human and nature flows and the interpratations of thinking.

Migrations is the creative movement towards survival, it is the capacity to know and recognize what there ‘s around ourselves, it is the leap that gives rythm to our lives.
Migrations is the special theatre of the emergent media by medialize.it in which the spectator becomes author of the artwork itself.

It’s a project and a concept by Pasquale Direse in collaboration with Aggeliki Tsekeni ( Athens, Greece), Angelo Ruta, Damiano Spina, Olivia Giovannini; Fabrizio Palasciano, Hatafeh Maiidi (Iran), Raffaele Lelli, Angelo Romano, Jessica Nanni.

medialiaze.it is an italian enterprice which produces new media public art, site-specific design and it offers new ways of use of the emergent media through art and creativity.
Migrations is realized with the support of Roma Capitale and it takes part in the program of the “Estate Romana 2015”.


Translation by Jessica Nanni

Source: LatusCreativity Lab

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