Performigrations: People Are the Territory. EU & Canada calling for artists

Performigrations: People Are the Territory is a transnational project developing an interactive and performative art-installation to make visible the mobile territory created by the movement of people across Europe and between Europe and Canada. More traditional forms of art integrated with new ICT will develop an interactive platform that will use new geo-locative technologies to display old and new forms of storytelling.

This interactive medley of words, images, sounds, and video-performances will connect territory with place and enable the construction of a communal narrative through the ongoing addition of materials as the installation moves from location to location.

Performigrations has been designed by a network of 16 high-profile European and Canadian Institutions to consolidate a new approach to people’s storytelling and promote awareness of what brings us together as both Europeans, Canadians and world citizens in spite of (or because of) cultural change. The European and Canadian cities involved are: Athens, Bologna, Klagenfurt, Lisbon, Montreal, Torontoand Vancouver.

To complete and integrate the art-installation, Performigrations Partners will select a total of 7 (seven) artists representing the involved cultural and artistic realities in Europe and in Canada: Athens, Bologna, Klagenfurt, Lisbon, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. These seven artists will form an international ‘creative team’ to implement the Performigrations art-installation through their new collaborative artistic inputs.

In compliance with the project’s specific objectives and criteria, this call is open to European and Canadian citizens, as well as to immigrants in Europe and Canada.

Selected Artists will:

  • work collaboratively with the Performigrations network to support the project mandate goals, deadlines;
  • be expert in one of the following artistic fields: literature (including oral history and life narratives); film; music (including oral/improvisational performance); video-art; graphics/photography.
  • have fundamental knowledge of the potential of interactive mobile media;
  • be comfortable understanding & working in English

In each location, Artists’ proposals will be selected in relation to the local cultural event which has been planned for the second year in conjunction with the art installation; thereby, connecting the development of the art installation to how the final result will be disseminated and promoted in the cultural events across Europe and Canada, namely:

  • Canada, Montreal: literature, including oral history and life narratives
    (Blue Metropolis Literary Festival, April 2015)
  • Italy, Bologna: film, focus on documentary
    (Biografilm Festival, June 2015)
  • Austria, Klagenfurt: intermedia art
    (Ingeborg Bachmann Literaturtage, July 2015)
  • Canada, Vancouver: video art
    (“European – Canadians: Heritage on Show” Exhibition)
  • Greece, Athens: music, including oral/improvisational performance
    (“Musical Performigrations”, concert at the Athens Conservatory, September 2015)
  • Portugal, Lisbon: music, including oral/improvisational performance
    (“Musical Dialogues”, intercultural concert, December 2015)
  • Canada, Toronto: intermedia art
    (“Intermedia Art Installations and Live Performances”, February 2016).

The selected artists are asked to conceive their specific proposals as components of the jointly developed installation; also, they are asked to share ideas and works in progress through the Performigrations operation platform. In addition, the selected artists will be required to attend the two mandatory meetings listed below, conceived as occasions to design, implement and share their work:

  • Performigrations kick-off workshop, Bologna 14-19 May 2014*
  • Performigrations Artists In-Residence workshop, Montreal October 2014 (dates tbc)*

*Costs related to travel/accommodation/subsistence for these meetings are covered by the Performigrations project.

Please note: for each artist, travels costs will be covered between the Performigrations locations (Athens, Bologna, Klagenfurt, Lisbon, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver) and the meeting destinations (Bologna, Montreal) only. Artists travelling from other cities are responsible for their travel expenses to reach the listed city of departure.

Each artist will receive a fee of 2000 Euros.

Performigrations is one of the projects selected for funding by EACEA, Strand 1.3.5 – Special Measures: Cooperation with Third Countries (Canada), Culture Programme 2013 (duration: April 1st 2014 – March 31st 2016).

The complete Artists’ Call (including tips for interests artists, and the application form) here.

Application must be duly filled in and submitted online and must include:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Portfolio
  • Artistic proposal to be developed and implemented
  • (Optional) 1 minute video-presentation of the artist.

Registration is 8 Euros to cover secretarial fees.

Deadline for receipt of proposals is: 21st January 2014, by 11:59 p.m., Bologna (Italy) time.

Successful candidates will be notified by March 25th 2014.

pdf_icon Artists’ Call for Proposals (full version)






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