Print About Me: contemporary, alternative and unconventional graphic contest

PrintAboutMe announces its second contest in defense of contemporary, alternative and unconventional graphic work. The project, curated by Arteco, Fart Gallery, Inamorarti, Ohne Titel Grafik and the graphic designer Moisi Guga, includes a detailed program of events, culminating in the mounting of an International exhibition of young graphic works.

In order to promote the art of emerging generations and to encourage young artistic talent, PrintAboutMe announces a call aimed at the selection of 20 works, all made with graphic techniques (screen printing, engraving, printing, letterpress, woodcut, lithography).

The competition, a vehicle for new and different spurs, will enable to enrich the training of its participants, promote intercultural exchange and create an up-to- date network of skills.

For applications and more info: PrintAboutMe



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