The 3rd Art and Science Int’l Exhibition and Symposium in China

The 3rd Art and Science Int’l Exhibition and Symposium was planned to be held in the China Science & Technology Museum between Nov. 1st and 30th, 2012. This event is based on the developmental strategy of “deepen cultural reform and promote socialist cultural development and prosperity”, and it aims at practicing the strategic objective of “building ecological civilization” proposed by the national government, collecting latest research achievements in contemporary world art and science, and continuing to encourage developments in art and science researches, so as to provide necessary resources for and play a guiding role in China’s innovating the country and driving the change of economic growth mode.

The 3rd Art and Science Int’l Exhibition and Symposium is a continuance and promotion of its two predecessors, as well as a response to the strategic thoughts of the central government and their fulfillment. As one of the event’s organizers, Tsinghua University was honored “cradle of engineers” and “home of elites”.  As the highest-level event in the field of art and science organized by the university, the event will surely cause sensation among its alumnus; and its collection of elites in art and science will show high level to the world, thus further promoting Chinese-characteristic culture.

The theme

Fast developing science and technology in this era of information promotes development of human society; ecological civilization announces sustainable evolution of human lifestyle; human wisdom realizes sublime humanistic ideal with the value of innovation. The exhibition integrates the current diversified ideas and diversified art forms, adopts perspectives of information science, life science and ecological science, makes art aesthetics, biological information technology and ecological wisdom the carrier, pays attention to ultimate ideal and spirit of human being, and attempts to explore and create the future through new thoughts and methods.






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