The International art, sci, tech biennale of Prague calls for participation

The 6th art | sci | tech biennale held in Prague, Czech Republic, organized by CIANT will take place on April 4-7, 2013.

The event will see the development of exhibitions, performances, lectures, debates, workshops, screenings.

Enter 6: Biopolis calls for theory and practice based proposals addressing uncertainty of the division between natural and artificial, novel approaches in interaction between body and data.

A questioning about future of life, ethics of scientific intrusion into exclusivity of the nature. Least but not last the entanglement of our bodies and technology.

Keywords: Artificial vs. Natural, Bacteria, BCI, Bio-signals, Bioart, Bioethics, Biotechnology, Body, DNA, EEG, Genetics, Handicap , Implants, Mutation, Nature, Neolifism, Next nature, Perception, Prosthetics, Science, Synthetic life, Transgenic, Wetware

Among the artists and researchers pre-negotiated to participate there are: Darina Alster (CZ), Veselina Dashinova (BG/UK), Jalila Essaïdi (NL), Jakub Jansa (CZ), Pavel Karafiát (CZ), Jakub Ludma (SK), Martina Michalíková (SK), Jan Nálepa (CZ), , Marie Polákova (CZ/AT), Michal Pustějovský (CZ), Tomáš Vavříček (CZ), Frederik de Wilde (BE) and others…

CIANT in partnership with NTK | National Technical Library invite your participation too!

Extended submission deadline for artworks, papers, posters:7th of March 2013

Submit your artwork here!




Source: Enter Festival

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