OpenKit ~ Google Reader going down? Replace it with Raspberry Pi

With Google Reader shutting down this July, you might be looking for another way to stay on top of your feed subscriptions. Why not set up a Raspberry Pi to do the not-so-heavy lifting instead of importing your feeds into yet another web-based service? After all, you never know when anyone (or everyone) is going to pull the pin on their aggregators — especially since RSS is supposed to be dead already anyway.

Just follow Conor O’Neill’s lead and install Tiny Tiny RSS on your Raspberry Pi. It’s an open-source app that has been around for ages, and its developers provide a tarball that makes setup on the Pi (or any Linux-powered system) a simple task. You’ll need a basic LAMP stack running, too, because Tiny Tiny RSS isn’t a desktop app, it’s a web app that you can self-host.

That makes it a pretty ideal Google Reader replacement if you’ve got a decent internet connection and are comfortable setting up port forwarding on your router. Once everything’s configured, you’ll be able to access your feeds anywhere you have a browser available — just like you can with Reader. And since you’re in control, you don’t have to worry about a startup going under or someone going on a spring cleaning purgefest. As long as your ISP bill is up-to-date, you’ll always be able to read your feeds in the comfort of Tiny Tiny RSS.

Don’t have a Raspberry Pi? Loads of other devices will do the trick. SheevaPlug devices should work nicely, too, and so will those nifty little HDMI stick PCs — as long as you own one that can handle an ARM-friendly Linux distro.

One thing to be aware of is that your comparatively limited processing and bandwidth mean that Tiny Tiny has to work a little harder to retrieve all that feed content. It may struggle at times to keep up with hundreds of feeds, unlike Google Reader with its powerful cloud back-end.




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