Mapa das Ideias is a Portuguese private-owned company dedicated to the relationship between museums, audiences and communities, since 1999. Its expertise in museum and cultural communication has lead to the creation and development of mediation tools and projects, working in different cultural and artistic settings.



Seis Cocos is a development studio of digital content for trending technology.
We are focused overall in video-games and applications for wearable devices.
Seis Cocos are in Málaga (Spain) and build developments for Europe and Asia.



I Master in tecnologie digitali sono aperti a tutti i laureati in Arti e Scienze dello Spettacolo o Laurea in Lettere o Laurea DAMS, e tutti colori in possesso  di un titolo universitario appartenente ad una delle classi di laurea presenti sul bando e interessati a conoscere le tecnologie avanzate di editing, animazione 3D e restauro digitale.



Resolume was born because we wanted to VJ. But we wanted to do it better. We thought software would allow us to improvise more and be a better VJ. Resolume is created by Edwin de Koning & Bart van der Ploeg together with Tim Walther, Daniel Berio, Joris de Jong, Menno Vink and a few specialized freelancers.




Codemotion is the biggest tech conference in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, with a network of more than 30k developers. 




The OpenLab Company came into being in 1991 as the result of a meeting between performer Laura Colombo, and architect and scenographer Luca Ruzza. The theatrical language used by them blurs the line between installation and dance-theatre. Their performances make use of the full potential of darkness to weave a landscape where visions of the real are constantly offset and challenged by optical illusions.



Rome Gallery Tours is the only one Tour devoted to contemporary art, exclusively exhibited by private art galleries in Rome. We are contemporary art addicted and small collectors.We are the editors of, where we highlight the best  exhibitions of private galleries in Rome and as we like to go around galleries, we offer this service to small groups of people.



Il Pagliaio nasce come luogo di ricerca e creazione delle arti contemporanee quali performing art, teatro, site specific, musica, video ed installazioni. e’ un luogo che ambisce alla costruzione di una rete di conoscenze con persone e gruppi di giovani artisti di ogni nazionalita’che necessitano di uno spazio per la creazione.



Immaginate un grande palcoscenico frequentato da tanti artisti, dove ogni spazio, ogni arte fa spettacolo: la pittura, la danza, l’arte circense, la scultura, la poesia, la musica, il cinema.
Immaginate tanti spettacoli che avvengono tutti contemporaneamente dando vita ad un unico grande spettacolo.



Visible Cloud Live is the first alternative to Visible Tweet, with moderation system and more options. You can have more participation during your event and make: your business more efficient, more entertainment for your events, your #hashtag spectacular. It can be used by everyone who wants to make events more social.