Luminarĭa Festival: lights to reinvent the city

Lights to read again the city spaces. Lights which transform, imagine and allow to imagine.

Luminarĭa, the Festival of lights of the City of Frosinone, now at its second edition, enriches the urban spaces with paths of lights and sound landscapes which took place from 23 December 2013 to 6 of January 2014. 

The project was born from the collaboration between Latus Creativity and by Pasquale Direse, artist and complexity designer. Objective? To improve the urban spaces, to promote the social participation to the city life through the emotional involvement and the public art. The City as a place to live and cross with a different gaze, more mature and aware.

Theme of the last edition event? #intencity: the leap towards the change. Change as movement, as innovation, as possibility to contribute in the regeneration of the urban space through the new media art.

Luminaria becomes network between artists and institutions: the Academy of Fine arts of Frosinone, the PlanB Project by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Catania, the Lazio Region, the Community of Frosinone, the Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone.

A creative network, is the one generated by between the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Catania, in Sicily: a collaboration among equipes from two different territories, the Ciociaria and the Sicilia Orientale, united by the attention for the new media arts and the urban creative design. And with the collaboration of the Community of Frosinone City which was hosting the partners from Sicily.

The City of Frosinone as theatre of the new media by the Urban Immaterial Scenography by

Frosinone as hub for the new media art? Luminarĭa, as cultural innovative project, can contribute to make real such a possibility. Luminarĭa supports, who ideated it and who participated to it, to imagine. To invent a different city which could really change.

di Francesca Paniccia


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