“More Reusing & More Recycling”: the innovative pattern for Rieti and Castelli Romani

The project More Reusing & More Recycling (Mo.re & Mo.re), coordinated by the Lazio Region and co-funded by the European Commission within the Life+ Programme, aims at enhancing the reuse and the recycling of solid waste. This is obtained through the adoption of an innovative pattern in two defined areas: the Castelli Romani and the Province of Rieti.

Features of unquestionable innovation are, on the one hand, the on-line treading platform for secondary raw materials, which are potentially available in the Lazio territory and, on the other hand, the dynamic map that monitors the supply and demand trends of particular types of waste. Thanks to those instruments the economic operators of the territory are made possible to share the outputs of recycling activity and thus contributing to the reduction of waste management environmental impact.

Therefore, with the enactment of the analyses for absorption/enhancement of eco-districts and of measures for the reduction of non-technological barriers, the Mo.re & Mo.re projects aims at improving the waste management through the development of sustainable and efficient reduction/reutilization/recycling chains. Information and involvement of citizens, local bodies and economic operators of the territory concerned is of pivotal importance for the correct implementation of the project in order to maximize the results of the pattern. To this end, the project foresees a series of thematic meetings for establishing two information desks, one managed by the Lazio Region and the other by the Province of Rieti.


Source: life-moreandmore.eu

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