50 years of Italian contemporary art discussed at MAXXI in Rome

The Histories of Art return: a series of discussions of the history of contemporary art designed to investigate the past 50 years of Italian art together with its protagonists and the ideas that revolutionised the ways of making and observing art.
From January to May on the third Saturday of each month, gallery owners, curators and art critics will invite the general public to the MAXXI, the Museum of the Arts of the XXI Century in Rome, to learn about the neo-avant-gardes, conceptualism and Arte Povera, postmodernism and art in the 21st century.

The talks are not only lessons on contemporary art, but the stories of the leading figures of extraordinary exhibitions that defined the history of contemporary Italian art.

First meeting:
Saturday 16 March, h 11.30 – 13.00
Art&the Market with Angela Vettese
MAXXI Auditorium
tickets €4 – free* for holders of the my MAXXI card
(*based on availability of seating; tickets must be claimed no later than 11.15 on the day of the event)

More information on fondazioneMAXXI.it





Source: MAXXI

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