invisibleMIGRATIONS by @ Theatre of Marcellus, Rome

The first artistic event of MIGRATIONS will be presented on  the 11th of September 2015, at 21:30 p.m. at the Theatre of Marcellus, Rome.
The Theatre is one of the most ancient monument in the world and it’s a symbol of the Italian Capital.

The event, named invisibleMIGRATIONS, will be an a-temporal meeting between past and present, between the cultural and historical heritage and the flows of contemporary art.

The protagonist will be the Theatre with his imposing architecture which will become allegory of the vital impulses, the inexorable flow that moves from the smallest organic particles to the more complex organisms, envolving the human migrations, its culture and knowledge.
MIGRATIONS deals with nature, people and thinking’s migrations through different linguistic codes.
In the night of the 11th September 2015, the language of the lights and sounds will be side by side to the language of the dance interpretated by Olivia Giovannini: she will improvise body’s choreographies which will be able to involve the public into the game of the motionless matter, light’s immateriality and sonorous vibrations.
An absolute inedited dance performance.
The Theatre of Marcellus will become a great organic architecture, vital and pulsating, it’ll be the set of the particles that form the universe: from this chaotic ensemble a particle will emerge to invite the public to join the flow.

.invisibleMIGRATIONS isn’t just an artistic cultural promoter event of new media but also an interactive public installation  in which the spectator becomes  part and co-creator of the artwork; it aims to give value to such a human cultural heritage.

“invisibleMIGRATIONS is a big urban interactive installation of light and sound. It transforms the Theatre of Marcellus into a monumental organic architecture which flows, breaths, lives through light’s and sound’s echo generated by people. An animated epidermis able to discover new looks and new listenings of the urban landscape. A theatre of the emergent media in which the spectator becomes active protagonist of the public artwork. invisibleMIGRATIONS are the imperceptible and vital migrations of the nature, the movement of the protoplasm from which life springs.” (Pasquale Direse)


Concept & Design
Pasquale Direse
Interactive Contemporary Dance
Olivia Giovannini

di Jessica Nanni



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