lifeMIGRATIONS by at the Theatre of Marcellus


It’s called lifeMIGRATIONS and it is the second artistic event of the MIGRATIONS’ project by – Pasquale Direse. The date with lifeMIGRATIONS is for the 12th of September 2015, at 9:30 pm, at the Theatre of Marcellus, Rome.
The Theatre will become a great screen on which will be narrate a crossmediatic storytelling made of lights and sounds, a tridimensional show.
lifeMIGRATIONS  takes its name from the spontaneous flows that envolve all the living beings, it is the evolution’s flow and whoever stops is condemned.
The big architectural facade of the Theatre will show how  a new melodious and armonious beauty could rise from chaos and noise, from the speed and rapidity of the contemporary era.

It takes a breaking point: it’s the short circuit, the temporary and absolute interruption that is, at the same time, the electric impulse essential to make the machine work again:
“A short circuit provokes the scattering. Life and Death. Chaos and Silence. War and Codes. The great migration never stops. The flight towards new communities that work in armony with each other will find the peace and the melody of a new beauty.” (Pasquale Direse)

’ project is an interactive urban intallation, tying the sequence of past and present, making the spectators the authors of the artwork. The historical location will no loger be an ancient monument dominated by the time passing but it will breathe and live again in the three artistic nights of the project, it will change shapes and colours, it will be an immaterial architecture.

“The contraddictions and the contrasts of the contemporary era of informations at the speed of light become visible through the chaos and the noise in which nothing is no more perceivable. No time for analysis, for thinking or for recognition. The entropy emerges through the Chaos. The language loses its meaning. Do the images have something left to reveal? The slow run of the entropic movement of nature and the fast development of technique.” (P.Direse)

It’s a concept and a project by in collaboration with Roma Capitale and it takes part in the program of Estate Romana 2015.


Concept & Design
Pasquale Direse

Crossmedia Production & Composition /3D Animation

Angelo Ruta   Damiano Spina  Aggeliki Tsekeni (Atene, Grecia)  Pasquale Direse

Jessica Nanni

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