Rome Open Museum Exhibition: Art is Short Circuit, in occasion of the Estate Romana 2016, presents the second edition of the Rome Open Museum Exhibition, an artistic and cultural event unique in its kind, with great aesthetic impact, a sensational interactive engagement involving audiences of all ages and culture.

Three monumental works of public art mediated by emerging technologies will appear on the facades of the historical center of the Capital City as an open museum, interactive, freely accessible, captivating.

A celebration of art that enhances the experience of some of the most representative locations of the City of Rome, inviting you to participate actively thanks to the flow and re-active experimentation of the special contemporary art by

An event born from the idea and developed under the artistic direction of Pasquale Direse, New Media Public Art formed in an absolute original, inter-disciplinary and multi-sensory practice.

Artistic events:

ZEN-DO – (Theatre of Emerging Media)

On September 17th, the magnificent location of the Archaeological Area of Teatro di Marcello will become a special arena of the arts with the performance of New Media Public Art “ZEN-DO” (La stanza dello Zen) of Pasquale Direse with the collaboration of Aggeliki Tsekeni, of the Master of Karate Giovanni Bartoloni, Damiano Spina and Angelo Romano and of the Maestro Mauro Magliocchetti


BLOW – (Interactive Urban Installation in Videomapping)

On September 24th with the new and original, site-specific, interactive, urban installation, the audience will experience the magic and enchantment of the Fontana Di Trevi-Roma. A work of art that actively involves the spectators in a game with the architecture and the public space, through reflection and imagination: “BLOW” of Pasquale Direse


DOORS – (Interactive Urban Installation in Videomapping)

On September 30th the Porta del Popolo in Piazza del Popolo will come alive, thanks to the playfull interaction of the public. The monumental interactive urban installation “DOORS” will transform the Gate of the People into a space-time passage of surprise and great sensational spectacle. “Doors” was conceived and created by Aggeliki Tsekeni and Pasquale Direse.






Source: Latus Creativity Lab

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